With the mission of developing applicable technologies to solve the critical problems of traditional industries, Shanghai Jintang aims to support industry companies in achieving ESG (environment, social responsibility, corporate governance) goals, and contribute to the sustainability development of the mankind.

Jintang technology package supports :

● Relevant enterprises to achieve carbon neutralization goals 

● Relevant brands enhance their brands value and adding value to related enterprises.

To lead in innovation for the green transformation of traditional industries and assist enterprises effectively reduce carbon emissions (under existing conditions)
Chemicals determine the process, and the process determines the equipment.
The energy saving and carbon emission reduction of traditional industries and the upgrading of the industrial chain require new materials, new processes, and new equipment.
Through research and development, Jintang solves the critical core problems of traditional industries and realizes high-quality, efficient, zero-pollution green production in traditional industries around the world.
Problem solving oriented innovation and development
The prosperous progress of light industry, and textile industry requires new concept and new ideas, new technologies, and innovations in the application of new materials.
Jintang is devoting our efforts in development of new material, market promotion and its application, and is willing to hands in hands work with our peers, to serve for textile and other light industry in China and worldwide.
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